Handyman Services in Annandale, Virginia

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Handyman Services in Annandale, Virginia

Jim the handyman offers a wide range of home maintenance services in Annandale. It’s one of the most crowded areas in Virginia. All the hustle and bustle in Annandale is due to the rapid growth in technology. With all that said, you can’t neglect your home. Maintaining your living space is an essential task. So if you have lots to do, you can hire any professional that can do all the stuff for you efficiently.

Annandale Top-notch Handyman Services

Living in the technological hub of Virginia, your home demands consistent care to tune-in with the fast-paced lifestyle. The aim? Ensuring your peace by transforming your homes into perfect living spaces!

Offering diverse services, ranging from interior to exterior renovations, Jim The Handyman promises:

Installation Services

Assemble your dreams into reality with drywall repairs, curtain rods, blinds, shutters, fascia, or soffit installations, and much more.

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Repair Services

Quick and efficient repairs including sliding window repair, wood replacement, tile installations, gutter repair, deck restoration, siding repair, fence or concrete maintenance work.

Renovation Services

Breathing life into your old, dusty corners, be it a kitchen, a room, or the entire place.


Jim The Handyman provides a wide range of handyman services in the Northern Virginia areas. We are fully licensed and insured, and your satisfaction is guaranteed!



Our more Handyman Services Areas in Northern Virginia.


handyman painting

Painting is crucial to keep your home in good condition for a long time. And we provide high-quality painting services to our customers to slow down the process of abrasive wear and tear.

Interior Painting

We offer a comprehensive interior painting service, which includes preparing the surfaces, filling the holes and cracks, sanding the surface, and applying primer before the final paint.

Exterior Painting

Preparation is key to an excellent exterior paint job. We perform pressure cleaning to remove dust and grime, followed by making necessary repairs, scrapings, priming, and finally painting to ensure a long-lasting finish.

Decorative Painting

Looking to add some drama to your rooms? Our decorative painting service can help. We offer faux finishes, murals, textured paint, and more.

Cabinet Painting & Refinishing

Old cabinet can look new again with our cabinet painting and refinishing services.


A home looks more elegant and attractive when everything is placed in the right places. So, if you are having trouble adjusting the furniture, our team can do it perfectly for you.

Exterior work

Exterior work is also an essential need in summer. In the summer season, people are more likely to do outdoor activities. Are you searching for an outdoor work expert? You can expect all sorts of outdoor work detailed and proficient workmanship services from exterior caulking to lighting setup for holidays.



Exterior work You can expect all sorts of outdoor work detailed and proficient workmanship services from exterior caulking to lighting setup for holidays.

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We Provide Free Consultation This is a Partial List of our Handyman Repair Services

Handyman services for your home, Experienced handyman contractors serving the Northern Virginia area since the year 1984, we are Licensed and Insured Contractors and we give a 1 full-year labor warranty on all our jobs.

Contact us to schedule a handyman visit. Whether you’re looking for a single minor repair or a long list of house repairs no problem, our handyman technicians will be able to help you. whether a repair or installation, we provide Expert Handyman services in Annandale, Northern VA. Our work is always guaranteed.

Jim The Handyman Offer These Services in Annandale, Virginia

  • Windows Repair Annandale, VA
  • Door Installation Annandale, VA
  • Annandale Drywall Repair
  • Annandale Furniture Repair
  • Roofing Contractors Annandale, VA
  • Deck Repair Services Annandale, VA
  • Tile Installation Annandale, VA
  • Annandale Deck Washing
  • Drywall Contractors Annandale, VA
  • Interior Painters Annandale, VA
  • Annandale Rood Rot Repair Company
  • Window Installation Annandale, VA