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Over time, items in your home such as carpets can end up needing a freshen up. Regardless of how much you try to clean your carpet by yourself, a thorough professional cleaning with expert attention to detail can give it the ultimate new look it deserves. However, when considering professional carpet cleaning services in Fairfax, VA, the cost factor is naturally crucial. Therefore, we will guide you through the carpet cleaning costs in the Fairfax, Virginia area.

Fairfax Carpet Cleaning Service Hourly Charges

You might not know this, but carpet cleaning services in Fairfax are usually offered at fixed or hourly rates. So, you might ask, how much can carpet cleaners make in an hour? Well, on average, professional carpet cleaning services cost around $30 to $90 per hour, with some experts charging approximately $175. However, the price can significantly vary based on various factors.


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The cost of carpet cleaning services fluctuates according to the cleaning company and the current state of your carpet. Professionals only give quotes based on the required material and work.

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Carpet Cleaning Charges Per Square Foot in Fairfax, Virginia

Charges Of Fairfax Carpet Cleaning Services

If you’re contemplating hiring a professional to rejuvenate your carpets, it’s essential to understand that the charges will likely be pinned on the carpet size measured in square feet. In Fairfax, Virginia the average carpet cleaning cost per square foot ranges between $0.20 to $0.40.

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When a company charges on a per-square-foot basis, the technician will typically measure the size of your carpet to provide an exact quote for the cleaning services. Note that prices may deviate according to company policies, hence, the following table serves as a guideline for estimated costs based on carpet size:

Carpet Size (Per Square Foot)Estimated Budget Range
200 – 400$80 – $130
500 – 1000$100 – $250
1000 – 1500$200 – $300
1500 – 2000$250 – $450
2000 – 3000$400 – $550

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Charges Per Room for Carpet Cleaning Services in Fairfax, VA

In Fairfax, Virginia, many carpet cleaning companies prefer to charge on a per-room basis. Consequently, the cleaning charges will also depend on the size of your room. Although some might not be comfortable paying per room, many people find this arrangement quite convenient.

The average cost of carpet cleaning for a large room is between $75 to $125. If you’re planning on cleaning the carpets in your entire house, the total cost will depend on the number of rooms. Here’s the approximate cost of carpet cleaning per room:

Number of RoomsApproximate Price
1 Room$55 – $90
2 Rooms$70 – $160
3 Rooms$105 – $230
4 Rooms$150 – $380
5 Rooms or More$300 – $600

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Factors Affecting the Cost of Carpet Cleaning Services

A variety of factors can influence the final price of the carpet cleaning services in Fairfax, Virginia. When you’re comparing rates between different carpet cleaning companies, consider the following factors that could affect the cost:

  • Carpet Size
  • Carpet Material
  • Cleaning Method
  • Carpet Condition
  • Carpet Location

Other factors depending on unique circumstances

Closing Thoughts

If you’re looking for first-class cleaning services at the most sensible rates, then you must try Jim the handyman carpet cleaning services in Fairfax, VA. You can get your free quote today!

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