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Undoubtedly, after a significant gap of time, your home accessories must need to be freshen up. And carpet cleaning is one of them. You may have tried to clean your carpet on your own, but it’s not worth it. An awful carpet always needs a detailed cleaning that an expert can perform.

You can find your services at a carpet cleaning company in Fairfax, VA. When hiring a professional handyman for carpet cleaning, the initial thing that will pop up in your mind is budget. You must be aware of the charges of various carpet cleaning companies.

In this write-up, we walk you through carpet cleaning services cost Fairfax Virginia.

Fairfax Carpet Cleaning Service Charges Per Hour

You might not know, but the Fairfax carpet cleaning services are offered at fixed or per-hour rates. But how much do carpet cleaners make an hour? Let it be more clear to you. A few experts can assist you in professional carpet cleaning services is $175, while the price can exceed various terms. Hence, the average cost of carpet cleaning per hour is $30 to $90.


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The price of carpet cleaning services fluctuates according to the company and your carpet’s current condition. Professionals only give Fairfax carpet cleaning services costs according to the required material and work.

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Charges Of Carpet Cleaning Fairfax VA Per Square Foot

Charges Of Fairfax Carpet Cleaning Services

If you’re thinking of hiring a wizard to brush up your carpets, you must know that they will charge you on the basis of per square foot. In Fairfax VA, the average carpet cleaning cost per square foot is $0.20 to $0.40. 

In the case of per-square-based rates, the company’s technician will always take the size of your carpet. After assessing the carpet size, they give you the exact cost of your carpet cleaning services. 

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But remember price can vary according to company policies. The given table illustrates just a quick estimate to make up your mind while thinking of attaining carpet cleaning services. 

Carpet Size Per Square FootEstimated Budget Range
200 – 400$80 – $130
500 – 1000$100 – $250
1000 – 1500$200 – $300
1500 – 2000$250 – $450
2000 – 3000$400 – $550

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How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Services Fairfax Virginia Charges Per Room?

In Fairfax Virginia, many companies work on a per-room basis. That means the carpet cleaning charges will depend on your room size too. A few people still don’t like the idea of paying per room, but most people are satisfied with the experts.

The average cost of a vast room carpet cleaning is $75 to $125. If you’re thinking of cleaning the carpets of your whole house, you have to pay conforming to the number of rooms in your home. Let’s move along and see the estimated charges for carpet cleaning per room in the delivered catalog.

No. Of RoomsApproximate Price
1 Room$55 – $90
2 Rooms$70 – $160
3 Rooms$105 – $230
4 Rooms$150 – $380
Up to Or More Than 5 Rooms$300 – $600

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Factors Affecting The Cost Of Carpet Cleaning Services?

In carpet cleaning services in Fairfax Virginia, plenty of factors can minimize or maximize the price of the services provided. When you’ve scanned all the average rates of a few carpet cleaning companies, you must keep an eye on the factors. Here we come.

  • Carpet Size
  • Carpet Material
  • Cleaning Method
  • Carpet Condition
  • Carpet Location

And many more depending on the circumstances.

Closing Thoughts

If you’re looking for first-class cleaning services at the most sensible rates, then you must try Jim the handyman carpet cleaning services in Fairfax, VA. You can get your free quote today!

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