Kitchen Remodeling Cost Fairfax VA

Your kitchen is the core of your living space as it allows others to define the entire tone of your house. Making your kitchen aesthetic is a great idea for your family and friends.
More than any other room in your house, the kitchen design and layout are a lot worthy. Whether you need small improvements or a complete transformation, the first thing that crosses your mind might be a handyman kitchen remodeling fairfax cost.

In this write-up, we walk you through the complete information about the price of professional kitchen renovation services. Let’s jump straight into it.

Kitchen Remodeling Cost Fairfax

Many companies are offering professional services. However, the work charges depend on the company and the type of transformation you want for your kitchen. You can compare your budget with the estimated rates to analyze the full fee for more simplicity.

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Here are the average charges that a handyperson can cost for kitchen remodeling.


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Most experts work on fixed rates for a particular task. The rates count on the extent of work and the things to be purchased. The handyman takes all the measurements first and then provides you with a cost checklist, including the total cost.

However, the average fixed rate for kitchen remodeling is $75 to $250 per square.

Hourly Rate

You may have always seen the handyman kitchen remodeling cost at a fixed price. But a few professionals work at an hourly rate too. The hourly rate is different for each remodeling company in Fairfax, VA.

For instance, if a professional has an hourly rate of $20 and works for 5 hours, the total cost will be $100 for kitchen remodeling.

Factors that Affect Kitchen Remodeling Cost

The cost of kitchen renovation is not only the professional’s fee, but many other factors can also affect your work rate. Here are a few that play a significant role in budget making.

1- Doors & Windows

While remodeling your kitchen, if you want to replace or paint the door and the windows, it will cost you more. Probably, it can take up 4% of the kitchen renovation charges.

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2- Walls & ceiling

A kitchen is a place where continuous heat and water are mandatory. These two factors can utterly ruin the ceiling and the kitchen walls. And their fix-up can charge you 5% of the total cost.

3- Cabinets & Hardware

Cabinets and hardware are those parts that you need to store food and other kitchen stuff. So, their remodeling for an organized look costs 29% of the entire budget.

4- Kitchen Appliances

The ventilation and the kitchen appliances will cost 14% of the cumulative charges.

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5- Area

The area is the most significant factor that can increase or decrease the renovation cost. If your kitchen has a small surface area, it will cost a considerably low amount compared to the large one.

6- Others

The other factors like lightning, plumbing, faucets, installation fees, etc., will also make a handsome percentage in the handyman’s payment.

Bottom line: Home Remodeling Contractors Fairfax VA.

There are many contractors out there to help you find the best professional for your work. In Fairfax, VA, with trustworthy professionals, but you should be aware of the spoilers.

It’s always better to check out the license and the customer reviews of that company before hiring.

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