Restore Trex Decking

If you’re seeking to bring new vigor to your backyard with Trex decking or want to rejuvenate your existing decking, you’ve come to the right place. Composite decking, a popular choice due to its minimal maintenance and robustness, needs attention over time to maintain its freshness. Exposure to the sun can cause the wood to oxidize and water can seep in between the boards if they’re not sealed well enough.

To restore your Trex decking to its original glory, we have compiled a comprehensive guide. Just follow these steps to keep your deck looking like new for years to come!


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How To Restore Composite Trex Decking In A Few Steps?

How To Restore Composite Trex Decking In A Few Steps

The most crucial question that will keep jerking your mind is the method to restore composite decking. You can get various techniques on social media, but the wrong strategies may demolish your Trex decking. You can also hire a Trex decking restorer for your assistance.

Materials You Will Need:

Ensure you have these materials ready:

  • Broom or leaf blower
  • Hose or pressure washer
  • Bucket
  • Mild dish soap or composite deck cleaner
  • Soft-bristle brush or deck scrub brush
  • Safety gloves and eye protection

A Step-By-Step Guide to Restore Composite Trex Decking

1- Deck Clearance
Begin by removing all items such as furniture, flower pots, rugs, and any debris from the deck. This step prevents the growth of mold and makes the cleaning process more manageable. 

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2- Prepare and Spray the Cleaning Solution
A cost-effective and efficient way to clean your deck is by making a homemade cleaning solution composed of 1 gallon of warm water and 2 tablespoons of dish soap. Sprinkle the cleaner over the composite decking. For mold stains, add half a cup of vinegar and a full cup of baking soda to your deck cleaner.

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3- Scrub The Deck Cleaner
Scrub the decking with a soft bristle brush to remove any stubborn stains. If required, use a stronger cleaning solution or repeat the cleaning process for heavily soiled areas.

4- Rinse The Deck Cleaner
Rinse off the cleaner to clear your deck of any residuals. Ensure there’s no persistent water on the decking. Using a pressure washer at 3100 psi can make rinsing efficient while preventing water stains on the deck.

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By following the step-by-step guide, you can refinish your composite decking effectively. Remember, to keep your decking looking fresh; regular maintenance such as removing debris and prompt cleaning up of spills is equally essential.

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