Tile And Grout Cleaning Cost Guide

It’s a fact that a spick-and-span home looks attractive and promotes good hygiene. However, over a period of time, your home may have to suffer from extreme wear and tear if not maintained regularly. And your home’s tile and grout area are no exception after all.

Staining, grime, mold, bad odor, and broken seal make your tiles and grout downright tragic. In that case, on-time professional assistance can save you from an uphill climb. But if you feel jumpy about the cost of tile and grout cleaning services, relax. We have rounded up all the data you need to find a perfect fit for you. So, let’s spill the beans.

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Why is Professional Hand Worth Your Money?

Firstly, you can try tile and grout cleaning yourself, but you might not get satisfactory results as a beginner even after spending hours. So, hiring someone who can cut corners on labor work and save your time and money is literally dope.

Jim The Handyman specialists are well-trained in their services. They know what chemicals, brushes, tools, and methods will go best to make your home in tip-top condition. Besides cleaning your floor and walls, a handyperson can also restore its beauty by fixing the cracks and damages.

Now, let’s come to the price of the services.



Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning Cost

The standard flat rate for tile and grout cleaning costs you 0.5$ to 3$ per square foot. If bundled with the grout sealing, the price can be varied, usually $1.50 to $2.50 per square foot. However, handyman companies offer different packages based on per sq. ft., per hour, type of room, and the method used.

1. Restoration Price

For more satisfactory results, you can try out restoration cleaning services. But keep in mind that it will cost you extra than standard cleaning. The process involves additional machinery and chemicals to clear out all the germs and dirt from tile and grout. The prices range from $0.86-to $3.60 per sq. ft.

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2. Commercial Tile and Grout Cleaning Price

Similar to residential projects, commercial projects cost you almost the same. The commercial areas used large-sized tiles with the minimum use of grout. So, it will cost you approximately $0.75 to $1.50 per square foot.

Grout and Tile Cleaning Cost Per Square Foot

Estimating the budget before hiring a professional is always a great idea to be on the same page. Below is the per sq. ft  average cost according to the room type and techniques applied.

Standard cleaning0.5 $ to 3$
Hand or spot cleaning ( per hour)$30-$40
Average room (150 to 250 sq.ft.)$300-$500
Small Kitchen (75 sq. ft.)$75 – $225
Standard Kitchen (300 sq. ft)$300 – $900
Standard Bathroom (100 sq. ft)$100 – $300
Large Bathroom (150 sq. ft.)$150 – $450

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Factors Affecting the Tile Cleaning Cost

  1. The size of the area where cleaning is required.
  2. The severity of the damage and weathering.
  3. Depending upon the staining conditions, the techniques like steam and high pressure or hand/spot cleaning cost you high.

Ways to Minimize Tile and Grout Cleaning Service Costs?

  1. Try to prepare the area before the handyman team arrives.
  2. Ask for a discount from your handyman tile and cleaning service provider.
  3. You can also consult with your friends and family about the variables to give a better cost estimate.

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