Best way to cut vinyl siding

Vinyl siding is being used in every second house for protection. Vinyl siding is a low-maintenance, budget-friendly hard material that protects your home from moisture. You can alter the size and shape of vinyl siding according to your preferences. The cut vinyl siding should be trimmed to accommodate each corner of your house.

While residing in your home, you need to cut off the damaged vinyl siding. The tears and rough edges must be prevented while cutting the vinyl side. Are you concerned about how to cut vinyl siding? Don’t worry. Here are the best ways to cut vinyl siding. So, spare a few moments and skim the writing.


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Best Tools to  Cut Vinyl Siding?

1. Circular Saw

A Circular saw is an initial way to get the smooth-edged cutting of vinyl siding. There’s a plywood cutting blade in the circular saw. While cutting the vinyl siding with a circular saw, wear safety goggles. The process of cutting is as follows.

Grab a flat table and spot the vinyl siding on it.

The area that needs to be cut should be positioned a few inches above the table.

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Using carpenters’ squares under the line will give you accurate intersections.

Now, hold the cut vinyl siding tightly with your hand.

Meanwhile, start cutting the desired part of the vinyl siding with your other hand.

The smooth cutting can be done with the edges of the table.

And you’re done.

You can repeat the procedure until you get the wanted shape of your vinyl siding.

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2. Utility Knife

A utility knife is a helpful means for cutting vinyl sidings horizontally. Vinyl sidings come in different sizes, so you’ll need to alter them according to your home. Here we go.

cutting vinyl sidings

First, measure the wall and see how much siding needs to chop off.

Imprint a straight horizontal line on the vinyl siding using a carpenter’s square & pencil.

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Set the vinyl siding on the flat table’s surface to avoid shifting while cutting.

Wear safety goggles.

Score the marked line with the utility knife instead of trimming.

Once you’ve scored the vinyl spring evenly, here comes the time to snap.

Hold both edges of the siding with your hands and tilt the cut vinyl siding until both parts segregate.

You can also cut the marked line with the utility knife.

3. Tin Snips

Tin snips are another way to trim your cut vinyl siding. Using tin snips is a suitable method if you want long vertical cuts. Let’s see how tin snips can help you.

Measure the siding that needs to be cut off.

Use the measuring tape to measure the length of the wall and compare it with the vinyl siding.

Draw a dark line on the cutting area with the help of a Carpenter’s Square.

Hold the vinyl siding steadily with your hand to avoid movement while cutting.

Wear safety goggles.

Start cutting the siding from the marked line with tin snips.

Repeat the procedure.

And you’re done. After a while, you’ll get your inclined vinyl siding.

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4. Equipment Needed To Cut Vinyl Siding

Snipping vinyl siding needs a lot of tools to get smooth edges and fine cutting. Before commencing the cutting process, you should gather all the tools. So, let’s discern which equipment you require without wasting a moment.

  • Measuring Tape
  • Pencil / Marker
  • Carpenter’s Square
  • Flat Table
  • Notebook
  • Utility Knife
  • Tin Snips
  • Circular Saw
  • Safety Gloves
  • Goggles

The essential thing while cutting the vinyl siding is knowing the use of tools. The improper use of equipment may injure you or spoil your vinyl siding.

Final Verdict:

Hopefully, you’ve understood the cutting vinyl siding guide. Now, you don’t have to wait for any professional to prepare your siding. Grab your tools and start cutting your vinyl siding according to the walls of your house. However, make sure not to injure yourself.

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