9 Things You Should Never Pressure Wash

Pressure washing is a tremendous technique to rinse silt and debris from various surfaces. It is said that pressure washing is an excellent cleaning partner. You might think that you can pressure wash everything except plants and humans. But you’re mistaken. You must know all the surfaces that can be sensitive to pressure washing.

If you’re unaware of the components that should never pressure wash, don’t worry. In this guide, you’ll get every nitty-gritty about pressure washing. Without squandering any juncture, let’s get into the article.

What are the Things to Avoid When Pressure Washing?

What are the Things to Avoid When Pressure Washing

1- Vehicle
The first thing that you should never pressure wash is vehicles. Most of you may think pressure washing your car can adequately clean them. Stop! Never do it with your vehicle. If you pressure wash your car, indirectly, you’re ruining your vehicle with your own hands.

Pressure washing can cause paint removal, denting, and rusting to your automobile.

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2- Lead Paint
Pressure washing lead paints can also be fatal for you. Yes, you heard it right. Lead dyes are highly toxic and can be avoided as much as possible. Pressure washing can spread the lead particles in the air, harming you and your family.

So, it’s better to avoid pressure washing lead paints as it will leave the painted area striped and cracked as well.


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3- Asphalt Shingles
Asphalt shingles should never be pressure washed. If you want to pressure wash the roof of your house or office, you should hire an expert to perform this. An expert will clean the roof without damage.

Nevertheless, you might tear down the top if you’ll commence pressure washing on your own. The roof can be water damaged or lose its strength. Therefore, always try to avoid pressure washing your roof or hire a professional to do the job.

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4- Windows
Here comes the most significant and catchy part of a house, windows. A few of you probably want to clean the windows of the second or third floor and choose pressure washing. But it will break the window glass in seconds and can put you in an unpredictable crisis. So, It would be best if you avoided pressure washing the glass windows.

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5- Electric Meters
Water should be avoided from entering the electricity resources. Likewise, electric meters must not be pressure washed. You might think that the plastic cover of the meter can protect the electric meter from the water. Yes, you’re right.

But it doesn’t work for pressure washing. Due to massive force, water will forcefully enter the meter through very tiny holes in pressure washing. Therefore, you should avoid pressure washing electric meters and electric panels.

6- Air Conditioners
Pressure washing isn’t a good-to-go thing for air conditioners. That’s because the air conditioner runs on electricity. So, entering water into the air conditioners can cause big trouble. Meanwhile, the water entrance can also block the airflow and make your air conditioner useless.

7- Gutters
Cleaning up your gutters by pressure washing is a mistake that can be repeated by most of you. Every second person thinks that pressure washing will rinse off all the grime and clean it in no time. It’s pretty right.

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But you must believe that the pressure can also remove the gutter itself from your house and can damage the interior too. That’s why you should adopt the garden hose trick for cleaning gutters.

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8- Old Mortar
Old mortar and loose bricks are sensitive to pressure washing. These can be easily destroyed when exposed to pressure washing. Undoubtedly, everyone wants each corner of their house to be clean.

Regardless, if you want to clean the old mortar, you should acquire a mild method instead of this forceful way of cleaning.

9- Wood Siding
Pressure washing the wood siding can be possible or maybe avoided. To clean the wood sidings, you should hire an experienced specialist to accomplish the task. The expert will technically pressure wash the wood siding without disturbing the wirings and insulation.

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