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Sliding glass doors is an enticing addition to make your living space adorable. They can also increase ventilation, allow light to enter your home, and enhance your residence’s impression. However, these patio doors have become troublesome for every second person because the owner faces many issues like the stickiness of the door, damages of glass, etc.

Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry about it. There are a lot of tips and tricks for an affordable sliding glass door repair. In this write-up, you’ll get the most acceptable ways to repair a sliding glass door.

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Why Repair a Sliding Glass Door?

fix a sliding glass door

A sliding glass door may not seem like it needs a lot of maintenance, but it’s actually a high-maintenance item. Sliding glass doors are exposed to the elements and can get damaged or rusty over time. They also need to be cleaned regularly. If you don’t keep up with all of this, your door could start to look really bad and even fall apart!

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The sliding door requires renovation in various conditions. The few most common reasons to fix a sliding glass door are;

  • Broken latches
  • Shattered glass
  • Torn screens
  • A bad seal
  • Alignment issues
  • Sliding problems etc.
  • How to Fix Sliding Glass Doors?

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The sliding doors may become faulty for various reasons, such as mud accommodation in the groove. Therefore, let’s dive in and explore the best way out to repair a sticking sliding glass door.

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1- Check Rollers
Rollers play a crucial role in sliding doors. So, the first step of sliding patio door repair is checking the rollers. You have to lift the door upward until you see the rollers. Adjust the screws instead of rollers to hold the door. If you see that your door’s rollers are dirty, you can clean them with a silicone spray. A silicon spray helps to stave off the dirt.

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2- Remove the Door
The second step in repairing the sliding door is removing the door. It is also an essential step in broken sliding glass door repair. You can quickly eliminate the door from its track by unscrewing the latches that hold the door in the sliding area.

While pulling out the door, you have to clasp the door from the edges and grab it with a jerk of energy. In this way, you can lift the patio successfully.

3- Replace the Rollers
After removing the door, you can see the track more clearly. If your rollers are dirty, you need to reinstall them after cleaning and renovation.

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However, if the door rollers are damaged, you should replace the rollers. The damaged rollers may lead to the broken sliding glass door.

4- Clean the Track
While installing new rollers, you have to clean the track to resist the damage of replaced rollers. You can clean the way by using vacuum, alcohol, paraffin wax, etc. The void will discard all the dirt from the path. Alcohol will clean the sliding area, and the paraffin wax will increase the lubricant of the trail.

Make sure all parts of the latch are working correctly. If any part of the latch isn’t working correctly—whether it’s because it has been damaged over time or because something has fallen into it—this could cause problems for your door when trying to close or open it. Make sure that all parts are functioning properly before calling someone.



5- Lubricate the Door track

If your sliding door track is gummed due to dirt and grim, make sure to clean it first and fix up the damage before lubrication. Usually, two types of lubrication, petroleum-based and silicon-based, can be used.

All you need is to simply spray the appropriate lubricant on the track and rollers to make the sliding smooth and easy. Since petroleum lubricant can catch the dirt and is better to use for regular cleaning, on the other hand, if you’re not regularly cleaning the sliding track, silicone lubricant spray will be great as it doesn’t catch the dirt.

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6- Reinstall the Door
The last step in fixing up the procedure is installing the door. Install the door by aligning the bottom and tilting the door up. Fix the upper part of the door to avoid falling, and then adjust the base with screws. You may check the door by sliding it on track.

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Wrapping Up
A professional hand can assist you in the most durable and quality fixation of your broken patio doors. They can offer you affordable sliding glass door repair ways to maintain the beauty of your home without burdening your budget.

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